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Вышивка brother innov

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Start having fun today!

Good Thinks come in threes

It sews, it quilts and it embroiders. And it does all three, brilliantly. That's the new Innov-ís NS1750D. If you're a serious enthusiast, you'll love how smoothly it operates, how easy it is to use and what an absolute joy it is to work with. That's why we say, "good things come in threes." We think you’ll agree.

Large 6.2" × 4.1" work area makes sewing easier.

Enjoy a new, easy-to-use, 3.2" color LCD touch screen display, to manage all your sewing, embroidery and quilting functions. Plus, access the on-screen reference guide for built-in help instructions which make it easy to learn the machine.

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Use the included wide table for your larger sewing projects.

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Maximum embroidery field of 4" x 4". Includes one 4" x 4" embroidery frame.

The longer J foot and feed dogs improve sewing. Fabric contact is increased making for smooth feeding and more consistent stitching.

Quick-Set Drop-in Bobbin

Drop in a full bobbin, pull the thread and start вышивка brother innov sewing!

Super bright LED-Lit Work Area

Brighten up any project under the needle with the super bright LED-lit work area.

With the press of a lever, the thread is pulled through the eye of the needle, making it easier on your eyes and fingers.

Built-in Stitches, Embroidery Designs and Fonts

Expand your creativity with a large library of built-in stitches, designs and fonts!

181 Built-in Sewing Stitches

125 Built-in Embroidery Designs

45 Included Disney Characters

10 EmbroideryLettering Fonts

4 Sewing Lettering Fonts


Over 5,000 designs available for individual purchase on iBroidery.com.

Built-in USB Port

Easily import designs from your USB memory stick.

What’s more fun than adding the magic of Disney to your creations! The Innov-ís NS1750D has the magic of 45 Disney embroidery designs built right in. Plus, get exclusive access to even more Disney and Disney.Pixar embroidery designs through the Brother-exclusive iBroidery.com Download Center.

Easily edit and embellish your creations with easy-to-use features.

Design Combo

View several designs displayed at same time, by a simple touch of a button.

Embroidery Pattern

Ability to drag and drop embroidery designs for easy positioning and editing.

Custom Stitch

Create personalized sewing stitches and save for future use.

Bobbin Case

Edit built-in fonts on-screen, change thread color and configuration of a pattern, plus more.

Protect your machine or easily take it on the go with the included hardcase cover!

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